How Addspy works?

how addspy works

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how addspy works


how addspy works


how addspy works


Our Features

Addspy Features
Hidden Camera Capturing

View Live Stream or take front or Rear camera photos from with AddSpy App. You can also See the live stream with Microphone. Please do not enable this option without the proper consent of the device user.

Addspy Features Location History Tracking App
location tracking

Track live location and location history of your employees or your kids with Our unique phone monitoring app and make them more secure. AddSpy shows you the real-time location instantly.

Addspy Features Skype Monitoring Spy App
skype monitoring

Monitor your employees skype chats and gossips on which they do using company owned cellphones and monitor their client meetings call logs, chats with our skype monitoring feature.

Addspy Features Hidden Videocall Tracking Spy App
hidden call recorder

You can secretly monitor call recording of your company owned mobiles as well as your kid’s mobile and prevent them by bullies or voice phishing with AddSpy hidden Call recorder.

Addspy Features SMS Tracking Spy App
sms tracking

Track Sms/mms of your kid's devices instantly on your own pc or mobile and make them more secure from harmful people. AddSpy gives you the authority to read the deleted sms also.

Addspy Features Call Logs Monitoring
Call log Monitoring

Check all the Incoming, Outgoing, Missed calls of the target device with our AddSpy call logs monitoring feature. AddSpy shows all the real-time call log details with the time-stamp.

Addspy Features Browser History
browsing history

Employees mostly wastes their time in searching non-official things on internet. Monitor all their internet surfing history and track their work performance at the time of work with AddSy.

Addspy Features Invisible Keylogger Tracking App
keylogger monitoring

Keep an eye on every key your kid using while texting with some unknown numbers or a person with our keylogger monitoring feature. It Shows you all the keys pressed at the time of chat or searching something.

Addspy Features Undetectable Spy App
totall hidden & undetectable

Our app is totally hidden and undetectable phone monitoring app which totally works in stealth mode and also surpass the antivirus scanning.

Addspy Features Snapchat Tracking App
snapchat monitoring

Snapchat monitoring has become easy now with AddSpy. Monitor your kid’s snapchat chat activities online and prevent them from online bullies.

Addspy Features Hidden Gallery Monitoring App
Photos & Images Tracker

Check all the photos which your kid is receiving or capturing with someone who is unknown to them. You can track their gallery images with our well developed tracking app.

Addspy Features Application Monitoring Spy App
application blocker

Check all the applications which are installed in your kid’s cellphone and identify the harmful apps. You can block all those apps with our app blocking feature.

All Features

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Why you'd love our spy app

Why you'd love Our Application

  • Monitor Social media call logs like Facebook call logs, Track WhatsApp call logs, Skype Call logs and much more.

  • live location and GPS location history instantly on your AddSpy dashboard.

  • Works in stealth mode, totally undetectable.

  • Works with mobile 3G/4G connection.

  • Unlimited device changing option in one package.

  • More Features with less prices Install in the target device in just 5-7 minutes.

  • 24/7 Customer support.

  • 25+ features with 99% results.

  • AddSpy helps you in monitoring Live Call Recordings and Hidden mic recordings.

  • Hear Live Audio with our App(with consent).

  • Check all the keywords pressed while chatting with someone using AddSpy.


Why Choose Us

The AddSpy Mobile Tracking App has been developed after 3 years of hard work and research. We have covered almost all the issues which the customer faces after purchasing a phone monitoring or a spy app.

We never stop working as we take our customer’s feedback about our app very seriously and try to fix their complaints and issues in the minimum period of time.

Our App is best fitted for the parents and employers’ requirements as well as for loved ones too. AddSpy provides you a platform to monitor all the activities of your kids and employees online and makes you more relaxed in terms of child security.

You can also get all the deleted social media chats messages like deleted WhatsApp Chats, Deleted Instagram Chats, Facebook Chats back on your dashboard after installing our application in the device which you wish to monitor.

Why Choose AddSpy Best Phone tracking app

AddSpy supports most of the android devices with more than 30+ unique features. You may check your android device compatibility


Incase you have any query or facing any technical issue, our customer support team is available to assist you 24*7


Now you can monitor your employees and kids together on a single dashboard with easy and simple interface.


Addspy application is very Fast and light in use with great Compatibility around most of the android devices.

Social Media Monitoring
Social Media Monitoring

Monitor Social media apps like WhatsApp Chats, Instagram Chats, Facebook Messenger, Snapchats, Viber Calls, LinkedIn etc. with AddSpy Cell Tracking App.

Works in Stealth Mode
Works in Stealth Mode

AddSpy App remains hidden in the device and totally work in stealth mode. It can't be detected by any of the Anti-Virus Apps.

100% Data Privacy
100% Data Privacy

We respect our customer's privacy and confidentiality and we at AddSpy, makes you assure that we never leak or sell your data with anyone else.

99% satisfied Customer
99% Satisfied Customer

A customer never lies and we always work towards our customer’s satisfaction and that’s why we have more than 99% satisfaction rate from the customers who has purchased our AddSpy Application.

Who we are AddSpy Cellphone spy app

Who We Are

AddSpy is an Android Phone monitoring Application for kids and employees. It helps you in tracking your kids or your employees on your fingertips.

AddSpy is the best spying tool for android mobiles remotely and effectively. Our Application works in stealth mode and totally undetectable with any of the Antiviruses till now. AddSpy app has so many inbuilt features like cellphone tracking, WhatsApp tracking, Facebook Messenger tracking and monitoring, Instagram Chats tracking, Live location tracking, SMS monitoring, Call monitoring, Screenshots Capturing, Hidden camera recording, Hidden mic recording, Skype Chats monitoring and much more.

It’s an effective and powerful app for parents to make their children safe from digitally and real life dangers. AddSpy gives you the real-time data on your dashboard which you can easily access by your PC or Mobile.

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Please do not purchase and install our app in any device without that device user's proper consent or else you will be responsible for all negative consequences and liability arising from such use action.