Phone Contacts Monitoring

Why Phone Contacts Monitoring Needed?

With these contacts logs, you are able to detect whether your children have been in frequent touch with potentially dangerous persons, such as sexual predators, drug dealers, or other bad guys. You can also catch the employees who waste working times calling friends and family members. It’s also possible to find the employees who attempt to leak confidential business information to competitors.

Find Lost Contacts On Your Own Device

You can install AddSpy contacts spy application on your own Android device to back up the contacts in real time. When your device is not with you and you want to reach out to someone for urgent business, you can check the contact information remotely via our user dashboard without access to your phone. You can also find back all the contacts easily when all the contacts are deleted from the list by your naughty children.

Employee Monitoring

Spying on employee’s contacts, SMS logs, and call history on the company-offered devices shows who the employees have contacted frequently. Maybe employees have spent too much time calling the friends, spouse, or other guys when they are supposed to finish the assigned tasks in the required time. And that’s a reason for low productivity. What’s worse, some unethical employees may store the competitors’ information on their device so that they can keep in touch with each other in real time. Any activity about the company, such as trade secrets, confidential data, may be revealed by employees. And this will do serious harm to the company’s benefit. AddSpy monitors the contacts from all aspects, and you can easily find lazy and disloyal employees.

Parental Monitoring

Spying on contacts, SMS logs and call history on children’s devices tell parents whom children have contacted the most. Parents may feel relieved if the top contacts are children’s teachers, classmates or best friends. Otherwise, parents may need to be alert on the contacts newly added in the list, especially when children contacted these strangers frequently via SMS or call. What’s the real identity of these guys? Kidnapper, murderer, or sexual predator? Parents may need to find out the truth, and tell the children the necessity and methods of protecting themselves.


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