Employee Monitoring

AddSpy- What You Need to Give You an Upper Hand

In the past, it wasn't possible to monitor if the employees are carrying out their duties or not. They could waste important working hours on social networks or on a gaming application. However, currently with the assistance of AddSpy, one can easily monitor and take control over all the mobile phone undertakings by the employees with a lot of ease. This app will tell you whether your workers are putting their mobile phone devices in the correct usage. This will definitely result in highly improved production for your business.

EMployee Tracking

Stay Happy With Your Business Improved Production

AddSpy hidden call recording application is considered as the best application for the new generation as a call tracking tool, and now people can get all the information about their beloved one’s activities on devices more efficiently without letting them know. They can stalk to gather all the data of calls from the device. The users do those phone calls by installing the application in their equipment. Any individual is willing to know about all the things which are done by their friends or the Partner, they can use the format of hidden application. The tool will let you know how many calls are done by the monitored devices, and what kind of conversation they had with the person. The tracking tool is highly recommended by users who want to control someone’s device properly. The AddSpy application is the next generation of technology, which will help parents to keep their eyes on their children and people on their partners and so on.

EMployee Tracking

Secure Your Company From Information Leakage

Has it ever come to your mind that those drivers working for you may just use the vehicles you have placed under them to carry out their own business? Is your company’s vehicle being taken advantages of by your workers? AddSpy installation will inform you the exact locality of your employee’s mobile phone device through the easy to use control panel. On top of this, this app will give you all the cell phone movement past. With this you will get to know if the vehicle has kept its route or not.

Monitor Your Employees Mobile Devices From A Safe Distance

Should your employees have your business vital information on their mobile devices? What would happen should they lose their cell phone with the company data on them? The good news is that you have the ability to monitor and take control of all your business cell phones across the globe by making use of AddSpy application. It enables you to take over any mobile phone you have targeted. This basically means that you can erase off any information on such a cell phone or even switch it off!


Please do not purchase and install our app in any device without that device user's proper consent or else you will be responsible for all negative consequences and liability arising from such use action.